Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 4

Land is approaching. I an see Mexican mountains in the mist, and what appears to be long stretches of sandy beach. For the first time since leaving San Francisco, there are many sea birds wheeling and soaring all around the ship. The captain joked over the public address system that with amazing accuracy the ship is headed to port. Larry and I surmised that being the captain of a cruise ship such as the Regatta is probably not so exciting.

Last night we dined at the Polo Grill, with unctuous service and various grilled meats and fishes. The entertainment of the evening was a comedian and guitar player, who sang and joked and played and was generally hilarious. There were a lot of senior citizen jokes, which is appropriate for the population of the cruise. Zero children, and all the twenty somethings I have seen are all part of the staff. There are certainly a great many vigorous old folks, and some ancient ones, but all apparently having a good time.

I think I will skip the lecture this morning because it is so very pleasant sitting out on the balcony watching the mountains and beaches coming closer and closer. Our first day at sea was a little rough and even the motion sickness patch didn't entirely work, but yesterday was very calm.
Today, there are a few more white caps, but the boat will anchor soon. Ah, now I can see houses and buildings at Cabo San Lucas!

Our boat has come to rest away from the shore, which is lined with hotels and beaches, pink, white, brown, beige, yellow.  I can hear the excited shouts of the folks on the beach, and the water is speckled with little boats racing around or drifting. Leaning over my balcony, I can see the little red tender boats being lowered and dropped into the ocean.

Now, it's evening and we are back from our excursion to San Jose del Cabo. We had a knowledgeable and charming tour guide, but the tour itself was less than great, probably because it was too darned hot. 95 degrees and 90% humidity, not what I consider to be great weather. I'll write about it more tomorrow.

We are sailing away from Cabo San Lucas, and if I can stay awake, I'll go to the evening entertainment, a magician and comedian.

Tender away ...

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