Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 3

It seems like we've been on this ship much longer than we have. I'm starting to relax and meditate on the endless ocean. The ocean is not too turbulent here, forty miles or so from the Baja California coast. The air temperature is about 73 degrees, and the ship captain tells us the water is even warmer, in case anyone jumps in (but, he added, please don't).

I'm sitting now on our balcony, it's soothing. This morning I went to the cafeteria style dining area (called the Terraces) for a breakfast of berries and yogurt. Then, Larry and I went to the gym and exercised for about an hour. I'm still listening to my audio books (Louise Penny, the Long Way Home) while I exercise.

We ate lunch again at the Terraces, which I don't like so much, because you have to elbow your way through other cruisers to get at the good stuff. Then you have to search out a table, and somehow stake your claim. We tried using an unfolded table napkin to mark our territory, but somebody else came along and grabbed the table. Hmmm. 650 people is still an awful lot of people.

This afternoon, there's tea time again, with a string quartet! The string quartet is not very good, but not so bad to drive me away from the scones and strawberry tartlets.  I talked to the cellist, and found out that they were all from Poland. She has an agent who offered her the gig on the Regatta. They play a lot of popular stuff, and it's not always in tune, but I like it anyway. Tonight we will dine with Blanche and Sol at the Polo Grill, one the special restaurants on the Regatta.

We're going to anchor off Cabo San Lucas tomorrow around noon, and Larry and I will go on one of the excursions, a tour of the art district.  Tour the galleries, buy the art!

So this afternoon, my plan is to read on the balcony, and maybe go soak in one of the hot tubs. It's truly not easy to do nothing at all--requires a lot of planning : )

Looking at blue ...


  1. Take a dip when you get off at Cabo! The water looks great - keep those pictures coming.

  2. I'm just catching up with your blog, Carol. Love the photo of the chair, balcony, and blue ocean….so inviting!