Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 11 and part of 12

Yesterday was another day at sea, and I began to despair at how slowly the day went by. The games on the Regatta are mainly bridge, mahjongg and trivia contests. I wonder if there is a board game cruise where younger folks could amuse themselves with the games of their generation? I'm a little fed up with what I call "furniture music" that you listen to almost everywhere. The resident string quartet plays furniture music too.  I miss my piano and my cello. There are pianos on board, but the guests are forbidden to play them.

I finished The Miniaturist, and started Au Bonheur des Dames, one of the Zola novels I brought along, a real paperback book! I should have something useful to contribute to the French Book Club when I get home. Using the satellite internet, I can refresh my library on board the ship anytime.

The dining on the Regatta continues to be first rate; there are many, many choices and all that I have tried have been delicious and really pretty too. We're dining with Sol and Blanche every evening and we have had many good conversations, memories of past happy and sad times with our parents, our children, our siblings.

I was also pleased yesterday to see three sea turtles and a pair of dolphins while I walked on the treadmill in the gym.

Tonight I will tell anyone reading my blog about our Panama Canal transit! It is in fact happening as I type, sitting out here on my patio. We are in the third lock, and the boat is rising to enter Gatun Lake. No ocean motion today, all is calm. I will also keep calm and carry on, even though there is perhaps a week left on this long, long, long cruise.

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  1. Don't under estimate the ability of a good team trivia game to help pass the time at sea.