Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 7

Today is another long day at sea, gazing out at the ocean. Fortunately, the weather is calm. I spent the day attending lectures and using the treadmill in the gym. The lectures are all power point presentations on subjects such as the Maya and other civilizations, the voyages of Columbus, the exchange of animals and food crops between the old and the new worlds. The speakers are amiable enough, the presentations relatively coherent.

It's warm and calm, I'm quite sleepy, and at a loss to know what to say about the cruise. Most of the activities--bingo, shuffleboard, trivia contests, lectures about gemstones and diamonds--are skippable. What I like most are the captain's announcements. We're cruising 20 miles from shore, the water beneath us is very warm, nasty Norbert is far behind us, giving grief to Regatta's sister ship.

Tomorrow morning we will dock at Puerto Chiapas, and take a tour to the Izapa archeological site, 39 miles from the cruise terminal, known for sculptures of frogs, representing the life-giving rains. Maybe I'll bring a frog home for California.

I'm reading David Foster Wallace's essay called "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" about his experience on a luxury cruise. I'm afraid he never really got into the spirit.

We've been drinking gin martinis at the happy hour, and then soaking in the hot tub at the prow of the boat watching the seabirds coasting around. Tonight is a dinner in the Polo Grill, one of the specialty restaurants, followed perhaps by dancing on the deck under the stars. So, what's not to like?

I should have more to write about tomorrow evening : )

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