Saturday, September 13, 2014

Days 14, 15, 16

Well, not such good news for this blog post. I've been quite sea sick, sleeping all the time. It
seemed like the patch stopped working and then the dramamine I took has made me very
sleepy. Because of the rough seas, the captain cancelled our scheduled stop in Norfolk,
Virginia. The ship was going too slowly, so we are going straight into New York. Today is
Saturday, around noon, we'll be in New York by Monday morning. I've been a little perkier this
morning, but I will be extremely grateful to be on dry land. And probably, no more long cruises
for me!

Larry has been feeling fine, he's been going to the spa for massages and keeping Blanche and
Sol company at dinner.

When we're in New York, we'll visit with Larry's cousin Linda and perhaps go to the World Trade
Center memorial.

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