Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 6

Last night the captain commented on the weather. There are three levels:  motion in the ocean, sloppy and choppy, and finally bumpy and lumpy. Last night we were experiencing sloppy and choppy. Stumbling through the ship, we did manage to eat dinner. I had melon balls, cucumber salad, and risotto with fava beans and mushrooms.  We skipped the comedian (the same nasty guy from the first day) in favor of reading in our cabin. I brought along numerous ebooks, both thrillers and junk books, but also Gardiner's book about Bach, and the beautiful travel books of Patrick Fermor, who writes about walking from London to Constantinople in 1936.

I did worry about the passengers who use canes or walkers and have balance issues, because moving around the ship last night wasn't all that easy. Perhaps the less mobile ordered room service.

A random thought: I have never in my life said "thank you" as many times as I do on this ship. Thank you to the guy who cleans our cabin, holds my chair, unfolds my napkin, pours my coffee, asks me if I slept well, asks me if I enjoyed my dinner. Should I doubt their sincerity?

Today is another day at sea. The ocean is much calmer, rolling along with more or less gentle swells. I can see a shoreline far away and another boat in the distance. I hoped to see whales, dolphins or even flying fish, but so far, it's just lots of water.  My favorite activity on the ship is sitting out here on the balcony, reading, writing this blog, watching the Pacific.

I'm going to try to take some pictures on the ship today and convince Larry to work his magic on them.
Dining Primary Activity

The Gym is Usually Empty

The Pool is Kind of Small

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