Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 14

Today is really the fourteenth day, so I'm late telling about yesterday. I've spent most of today wondering why the scopolamine patch isn't working, but now I'm feeling better, I think the sea is calming down after we passed through another one of those depressing tropical depressions.

Yesterday was our excursion to the Rosario Islands off the coast of Columbia. We began with a short bus ride to a speed boat. All 35 of us clambered into our seats, looped our life jackets over our heads, and headed out to the open sea, through the bay leading to Cartagena.  We passed two impressive fortresses built to protect the entrance from pirates hundreds of years ago. We rocketed past islands, home to fishing villages, and after an hour and a half fighting the wind, ended up at a National Park, which protects a coral reef. On the first small island we visited an aquarium, basically a patchwork of fenced ocean pools where various fish, sharks, sea turtles and dolphins make their home. One of the aquarium workers carried a pail around feeding the various creatures and giving us their names in Spanish. The dolphins and a young woman trainer put on a show for us.  We were offered a chance to get in the water and have our picture taken with the dolphins, but at $40 for five minutes, we declined.

I felt a little sorry for the sea life all huddled together in their jails, but at least the pelicans and other birds were having a good time, trying to snatch the tasty morsels away before the prisoners got them.

We all got back in the boat and headed to another island, where I had a pleasant surprise. It was like a little tropical paradise, with a beautiful sandy beach, a swimming pool, hammocks and chaise longues, and an inviting lunch set out for us--fish, coconut rice, ceviche, fresh fruit. Larry and I sat at a table with two Canadians, and a gentlemen who owns a sheep ranch in Australia. Our cruise is in the majority from the United States, but there are English, Australian, Canadian, and Dutch passengers and of course the crew seem to be from just about everywhere.

After lunch, I swam in the Caribbean and in the pool, while Larry took a nap in a hammock. Then, we churned through the water back to the Regatta. The Regatta left Cartagena shortly after our return, and after dinner, we were well into heavy seas.

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