Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday evening, continued

I just returned from the reception, with wine and small bites of salmon and other fishies.  Marsh McCall gave a rousing introduction to the theme of the trip, the Mediterannean islands in the Roman Empire, Book 5 of the Iliad, and some Greek stuff when we get to Sicily.  There are 48 travelers in all and we met only a small handful of them.  Everybody is jet lagged.

Larry and I had a busy day this morning visiting the Old Town of Nice, where we had breakfast in the square by the Palais de Justice, and then took a bus to the town of Eze where we saw the Fragonard perfume factory and walked around the ramparts.  Larry was walking very well, and his foot didn't bother him much, but now he is very tired and his back hurts.

Larry resting on a street in the Vieille Ville of Nice

The weather has been lovely, but the sea looks rough.  Tomorrow we are scheduled to go on an excursion with the Stanford folks to St. Paul de Vence and an art museum, and board the boat later in the afternoon.

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