Friday, April 29, 2016


 We have just docked in the harbor at Calvi, in Corsica.  When I woke up this morning I could see the fortifications of Calvi on top of a hill with the rest of the city spread out below, in warm brown and rose colors, with bright sunshine and blue skies, calm seas.  

Our breakfast was outdoors, delicious slices of melon,  all kinds of meats, cheeses, breads, eggs.  We are living in luxury here.  I slept well, as the boat swayed back and forth like a baby's cradle.   The Ponant is smaller than I expected, but there is a big sun deck on the top with plenty of places to sit, an indoor lounge with comfortable leather benches, a beautiful dining room and the breakfast and lunch area in the back of the ship.  Our cabin has lots of storage, but just a porthole.  We'll probably spend most of our time upstairs.   There's an electric keyboard, and we have a pianist on board too.  Maybe tonight if I'm not too sleepy we can have a drink at the bar and listen to the music.   It's an open bar, Joe and Jenny, we are so lucky.

Last night we had a multi-course dinner with Marsh McCall and Susan, the professor and his wife,  and a lively conversation on all sorts of topics.  We're gradually meeting and speaking with the other passengers.   Before the mandatory safety drill, I ordered a martini from the bar and am now known by all as the martini lady.  Well, it could be worse.

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