Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 2

Last night we had a fine, multi-course dinner in the Grand Dining Hall, or whatever it's called. I had a duck pate appetizer, salad, veal, chocolate tart. Yum, yum. There is a huge variety of choices on the menu, I don't know how they can cook all of that. After dinner, we went to the variety show and sat through introductions of the staff, which includes one person who is in charge of shopping. He leads seminars on diamonds and gemstones and shopping opportunities at each port of call. Spend, spend, spend! Other activities are bridge, needlepoint, trivia games. Yikes.

The introductions were followed by a mean-spirited and open opportunity racist comedian, who mainly joked about all the foreigners and obnoxious children on his last cruise. But, honestly, I laughed and laughed. Then there was a fifteen minute song and dance number with four young people (high school students?) backed up by the accomplished ship's band.

This morning we ate breakfast at an intimate table for two next to the window, looking out on the endless ocean.

Today has been very slow and lazy. I listened to two lectures, one about the history, geography and politics of California, the other about a sailing ship called the "Pilgrim" used for living history demonstrations. I also used the treadmill for half an hour, and walked a bit around the track.
We also met up with a group of people who post on the website cruisecritic. We sat around, but didn't criticize cruises.

A nice dinner with two of the cruise critics and Blanche and Sol. I ordered all the healthy choices and refused dessert, so I'm feeling smug. The song and dance acts this evening were fun, with all the great old tunes from Cole Porter and other great song writers.

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  1. Post some pictures of all these people and places on the ship... we want to see what you are enjoying!