Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Last Day

Today we arrived in Porteferraio on the island of Elba.  Able was I ere I saw Elba.  We had a lavish lunch on board, and then a walking tour of the town, which was principally a visit to Napoleon's home during the nine months he spent on Alba.  Napoleon didn't arrive alone in his exile, but brought with him 60 carriages and horses, 1000 pieces of furniture, and so on and on.  Napoleon was dismayed at the custom of heaving chamber pot contents out of the windows into the street, so  he set about installing a sewer system.  We were able to see his personal toilet.    And because his horses and carriages had no roads for him to ride upon, he had good roads built all over the island.  All in all, the Elba folks were pretty happy to have him. 

His house, where he lived with his sister Pauline, was basically a row of lavishly furnished rooms.  Napoleon's bedchamber overlooked a garden and the Mediterranean.   I especially enjoyed seeing the bright yellow silk brocades on the sofas and bed linens.   Are those available at IKEA?

It was another sunny lovely day (we have been so lucky with the weather).  At one overlook, we could see both the mainland of Italy, and Capri in the distance.  

We are back on the Ponant heading to Nice, so basically the trip is over.  Just one more long dinner to endure as we all make our farewells.   We'll arrive in Nice tomorrow, and spend one last day and night at the Negresco before flying home.

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