Thursday, May 5, 2016


We were uncertain if weather conditions would allow us to visit Ponza, but the sea was calm, the day was fair.  The Ponant anchored in the harbor, and we rode on the Zodiacs (black motorboats) to shore, not on an organized tour, but just to wander around.  Not too many tourists in town, yet.  Pretty yellow and pink houses, fishing boats, gelateria, local crafts.  I had never heard of Ponza before.  Beautiful views, though.  I'll attach some pictures.  What a contrast to Naples!

We had lunch on the boat, and are now moving through rough seas to reach our next stop, which I believe is the island of Elba.  This afternoon is a long and boring one.  I've been reading a murder mystery in French, it helps to pass the time.  With these seas, I'm not so comfortable moving around the boat and I'm afraid dinner tonight will be another challenge.  Fortunately, the motion sickness patches are working well.  It's still disorienting, a little like airplane turbulence, but also swaying back and forth.  Walking around, there are lots of rails to grasp fortunately.

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