Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday on the A. Candan

Breakfast soon on the A. Candan.  We'll all sit around a big table on the back of the boat and chat about all sorts of stuff, some serious and some silly.  Our travel companions form an interesting group. A few folks have traveled all over the world.  A few will continue to travel after this tour ends, Anne will go to Sicily and then to Spain, to walk the 500 miles of the famous pilgrimage route, the Santiago di Compostela (I hope that's the right name).  Herb will go on another tour with Jasmine for a week of wildflower photography, and then to the Czech Republic.  I, for one, will be happy to be home again at least for a while.

We've mostly stayed on the boat, except for little shore excursions on the rocky hills.  There are lots of ruins on the shore, some Roman ruins, but also the abandoned rock houses of the Greeks who were ordered back to Greece in 1924 as a condition of the peace treaty between the Turks and Greeks.  
I've gone swimming right off the boat; the water's cold, but not so bad once I take the plunge.  Larry's been doing less of the hikes, because, although it isn't far in distance, there's a degree of difficulty with steep slopes, and lots of loose rocks.  Both Larry and I fell; I scraped my knee and Larry banged his head, which sounds bad, but he's fine.  Thick skull?  

The sparkling and calm blue sea is all around us; as soon as I can get hooked up to wifi, I will post some of my pictures.

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