Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Turkish Transit

Thursday morning, April 23

We're in the strangest little hotel room at the Amsterdam airport.  It's a hotel called the CitizenM, and it's very arty.  Our room is filled with one giant bed and two cylinders, one for the shower, another with frosted glass for the toilet.  There is an ipad with controls for mood lighting in pink, blue, orange.  There is no room to put anything.  The shampoo bottles claim to have magical properties.  We just had a nice breakfast downstairs and will pack up, return to the airport, and meet the tour person to provide our transportation into downtown Amsterdam to our hotel there.  

We had a fine journey on Turkish airlines.  The boarding at SFO was a bit chaotic.  The crowd didn't seem to understand the announcements and kept surging forward in their eagerness to get on board, but once on we settled down into business class seats with lots of room, and very nice food and service.  The seats became quite decent sleeping spaces.  Istanbul airport is quaint and feels a bit foreign.  They sell lots of Turkish Delight and baklava at the coffee shops.  Larry had his first cup of Turkish coffee for the trip, very sweet, thick sludge.  We flew on to Amsterdam with more nice food,  and then spent quite a while searching for this wierd hotel.  

But now we've had a reasonable sleep and will begin another day.  I've got to do some shopping in Amsterdam for all my underwear I left at home in the dryer.

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